OhMyV33nus Departure Blacklists International
OhMyV33nus Departure Blacklists International

OhMyV33nus Announces Her Departure from Blacklist International: Long Live the Queen

Early in July 4, the Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene was shocked by an announcement from Ohmyv33nus. Considered the “Queen” of the Mobile Legends in the Philippines, Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna stunned social media by leaving Blacklist International, her current team. 

Delivered in a Facebook post at around 2 AM, the news seemed to reflect contemplation and a longing for improvement with a mix of anxiety. “Who is OHMYV33Nus without Onic?” OhmyV33nus started with a question that really spoke to both supporters and ML players. This brought back her early years, when she developed herself as a team member of the Onic PH team. “Ngayon naman same time, 2am din, same thoughts: Who is OHMYV33NUS without Blacklist?” The question then took a more emotional tone reflecting on her present circumstances with Blacklist International. 

The Facebook post dug into a deep existential conflict. V33nus asked her to identify outside of the prizes and the Blacklist International as she called it home. “Sino nga ba si OHMYV33Nus na wala yung trophies and yung esports org ng lahat?” (Who is OhMyV33nus without the esports org everyone knows?) without the trophies?) These realizations unearthed a need for something greater, “a higher version of me deep inside me. more than I have ever achieved.” 

The choice V33nus made was not out of the blue. After taking a break from the professional scene, she said, “So I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I know I would settle if I choose to stay. When it comes to leaving, ma feel mo naman Eh.” (You can sense it at leaving time). She could really relate to this comment since her choice was guided by great intuition and this is not made out of any ill intention. 

Still, the leaving was not a rejection of the ties she created with her former team, Blacklist International. Ohmyv33nus closed her piece with a philosophical meditation on the idea of “home.” She redefined home as “where I go,” “anyone who cares about me,” and most significantly, “the name I’ve built for myself: OHMYV33NUS,” while honoring the past teams and companies that helped her nourish her ability and skills in the land of dawn. Declaring, “I’ve always got me, and I will never be afraid no matter where life would take me,” the message connected with self-reliance and a desire to build her own path. 

A Decorated Legacy 

The Blacklist International roster will surely suffer from a great void upon OhMyV33nus’s leaving. Unquestionably among the most decorated players in MLBB history, her influence on the team’s performance is evident. Arriving at Blacklist in 2021, she became a regular member and has become the captain of Blacklist International. The team was unbeatable during their time, therefore coming up with a moniker of “break the code”. 

With a lot of Mobile Legends reviews, it shows that Ohmyv33nus’ pool of heroes is unbeaten. From the sly Esmeralda to the award-winning Estes, Ohmyv33nus showed extraordinary control over a wide range of characters, hence her hero pool was legendary. Still, her mastery transcended simple technical ability. Leading Blacklist International to back-to–back MPL Philippines Seasons 7 and 8, her in-game intellect, strategic awareness, and clutch plays under duress were vital. Their success peaked at the M3 World Championship in December 2021, when they dominated the worldwide scene. 

Future of Ohmyv33nus 

The esports community is now wondering what is ohmyv33nus’s next action. Will she travel a new path with a fresh viewpoint or will she join another Mobile Legends team? Will she play a different mobile game? Her talent and experience are clearly much sought-after, and her future seems brighter than ever. 

Blacklist International: The New Chapter 

Blacklist International, on the other hand, has an enormous chore ahead. It is not easy to replace a player of Ohmyv33nus’s quality. Blacklist has a track record of finding hidden treasures and supporting undeveloped skill sets. Their future competitive position will depend much on the person they choose to cover Ohmyv33nus’ spot. 

Digital Playground delves deep into BlackList International’s matches and victories 


12/19/20211stS-TierM3 World Championship
10/24/20212ndA-TierONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021
10/24/20211stA-TierMPL Philippines Season 8
08/01/20213rdB-TierNimo TV Mobile Legends Arena Season 3
06/13/20212ndA-TierMLBB Southwest Asia Cup 2021
05/30/20211stA-TierMPL Philippines Season 5


11/05/20225th to 8thA-TierONE Esports MPL Invitational 2022
10/23/20221stA-TierMPL Philippines Season 10
07/10/20221stQualifierSIBOL National Team Selection for 14th IESF
04/10/20227th to 8thA-TierMPL Philippines Season 9
01/30/20221stQualifierSIBOL 2022 National Team Selection for 31st SEA Games


12/16/20233rdS-TierM5 World Championship
11/18/20235th to 6thA-TierONE Esports MPL Invitational 2023
10/29/20232ndA-TierMPL Philippines Season 12
07/22/20235th to 6thB-TierJuicy Legends Tournament 2023 Q2 Pro Division
06/30/202313th to 16thB-TierSnapdradon Pro Series Season 3 Season
06/18/20232ndS-TierMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023
05/07/20232ndA-TierMPL Philippines Season 11
01/22/20235th to 8thQualifierSIBOL 2023 National Team Selection for SEA Games 2023
01/15/20232ndS-TierM4 World Championship

MLBB Esports: A Turning Point 

The decision made by OhMyV33nus marks a turning point in MLBB esports. It emphasizes the changing routes of the professional scene, in which seasoned players are rethinking their priorities and looking for fresh chances for development. Other players might be motivated by this and follow her decisions. 

Blacklist International as well as OhMyV33nus herself undergo a sea change with the loss of her. Her choice presents interesting opportunities even if the motivations behind it remain personal. While V33nus sets off a path of self-discovery, Blacklist International has to adjust and discover a new way ahead with new sets of players. 

The future of Ohmyv33nus, Blacklist International, and Mobile Legends is unknown for now. No clear path yet for Ohmyv33nus and how the MLBB eSports community will take it. Make sure to stay tuned regarding this. To get more updates about Mobile Legends or other different mobile games or if you are looking for a mobile game review, Digital Playground is your ultimate source! 

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Justin Soriano is a seasoned Content Editor known for his precision and creativity in content development. With a background in journalism and digital marketing, Justin excels in crafting engaging stories that resonate with diverse audiences, including avid gamers who follow the latest updates in esports, console, mobile, and desktop gaming.
Justin Soriano
Justin Soriano is a seasoned Content Editor known for his precision and creativity in content development. With a background in journalism and digital marketing, Justin excels in crafting engaging stories that resonate with diverse audiences, including avid gamers who follow the latest updates in esports, console, mobile, and desktop gaming.