Final Fantasy VII Guide
Final Fantasy VII Guide

The Ultimate Final Fantasy VII Guide: Characters, Storylines, and Secrets

Our experience working with industry leaders has provided valuable insights into knowing the most famous games on the planet. One of these is Final Fantasy VII (FF 7). Final Fantasy VII Remake is a seminal entry in the acclaimed Final Fantasy series. It was released in 1997. Since then, it has captivated players worldwide. Final Fantasy VII remake is a role-playing game (RPG). Derived from the Final Fantasy series, it has memorable characters, innovative gameplay mechanics, and intricate plotlines. The game is set in the dystopian city of Midgar.  


With a deep understanding of the subject, we can confidently say that the Final Fantasy VII remake is a story with intrigue, epic adventure, and emotion. The story is set in the dystopian metropolis of Midgar. Shinra Electric Power Company has been exploiting Mako energy, the planet’s life force. They do this for profit. Gamers are introduced to Cloud Strife. He is a former soldier who is going to fight Shinra’s practices. He became a mercenary and joined the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE.  

Cloud has allies. Their names are Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. Together, they fight the conspiracy. In their quest, they discover Sephiroth. He is a legendary soldier that becomes a god-like being. I tell you Sephiroth has a sinister plan to summon a meteor to absorb Mako energy. Throughout their journey, Cloud grapples with his fragmented memories while Aerith plays a vital role for the planet’s salvation. They have a dramatic confrontation with Sephiroth which brings a battle to save the planet from the doom. 

Game Mechanics 

Like the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VII has stunning game mechanics. This classic RPG has rich gameplay mechanics that creates an immersive experience. Here are its key mechanics: 

  • Character Customization – Players equip different weapons, accessories and armors. Each of these has unique effects and stats. Players earn EXP (experience points). Get this after leveling up and increasing stats. There is also a Materia customization where there is extensive customization of characters’ abilities. 
  • Materia System – We introduce to you the Materia system. Materia are magical orbs that give abilities, character spells, and stat boosts. There are slots for weapons and armors. Equipment has varying numbers and arrangement of slots. One levels up through Materia, unlocking more powerful abilities. It is combined with powerful effects to target all enemies. 
  • Battle System – As a recognized expert in this field, we can affirm that Final Fantasy VII uses an active time battle (ATB) system. This is a hallmark of the Final Fantasy series. Every character has an ATB gauge. Once full, characters take action to attack and use magic or items. The combat in the battle system is effectively turn-based. The flow of battle is influenced by the speed of every character. 
  • Mini-Games and Side Activities – Final Fantasy VII has wonderful minigames. They are chocobo racing, gold saucer, and optional quests. In chocobo racing and breeding, gamers capture, race, and breed chocobos to get Materia and rare items. In gold saucer, there is an amusement park where there are battle arena challenges, snowboarding, and motorcycle chase. 
  • Exploration and World Map – There are world maps and field maps in Final Fantasy VII. World maps are explorable overworlds that connect different locations. Gamers traverse the world map by vehicle, on foot, or via chocobo. Field maps, on the other hand, are places where gamers explore dungeons and towns. Through field maps, they solve puzzles and find items. 
  • Limit Breaks – Limit Breaks are powerful attacks unique to every character. They have a limit gauge that fills as characters take damage. Once full, Limit Break is unleashed. Limit Breaks have multiple levels for every character. They are unlocked in different conditions.  

Character Profiles 

Based on extensive research, it’s evident that Final Fantasy VII has a diverse cast of characters. Every character has a unique background, role, and ability in the story. Final Fantasy VII’s characters are the following: 

  1. Cloud Strife 
  • Role – Protagonist 
  • Weapon – Buster Sword 
  • Background – He is a former 1st class soldier turned mercenary. Cloud is a cold and detached person with vulnerability. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Cross-slash”, “Omnislash”, and “Braver” 
  1. Aerith Gainsborough  
  • Role – Flower seller with a mysterious heritage 
  • Weapon – Staff 
  • Background – Aerith is the last of Cetra (Ancients). She is kind-hearted and spiritual. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Great Gospel”, “Seal Evil”, and “Healing Wind” 
  1. Tifa Lockhart 
  • Role – Cloud’s childhood friend. 
  • Weapon – Gloves / Knuckles 
  • Background – Tifa is a member of AVALANCHE. She is compassionate and strong-willed. She has deep feelings for Cloud. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Final Heaven”, “Somersault”, and Beat Rush 
  1. Barret Wallace  
  • Role – Head of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE 
  • Weapon – Gun-arm 
  • Background – Barret has a desire to save the planet from the exploitation of Shinra Electric Power Company. He has personal vendetta. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Catastrophe”, “Grenade Bomb”, and “Big Shot” 
  1. Sephiroth  
  • Role – Main antagonist 
  • Weapon – Masamune sword 
  • Background – Once a legendary 1st class soldier turned villain seeking to destroy the world. His tragic past is central to the game’s narrative. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Supernova” 
  1. Cid Highwind 
  • Role – Pilot and engineer 
  • Weapon – Spear 
  • Background – Cid has a dream to explore space. He joins the party for the fulfillment of his aspirations. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Highwind”, “Dynamite”, and “Boost Jump” 
  1. Vincent Valentine 
  • Role – Former Turk with a dark past 
  • Weapon – Firearms 
  • Background – Vincent is a mysterious figure connected to Shinra’s experiments. His backstory involves transformation, love, and loss. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Chaos”, “Death Gigas”, and “Galian Beast” 
  1. Cait Sith 
  • Role – Robotic cat controlled by a Shinra employee 
  • Weapon – Megaphone 
  • Background – Cait Sith is a spy for Shinra. His loyalty becomes an important plot point. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Slots” and “Dice” 
  1. Yuffie Kisaragi 
  • Role – Ninja and Materia hunter 
  • Weapon – Shuriken 
  • Background – Yuffie joins the group to steal their Materia. She is energetic and completely loyal to the party. 
  • Limit Breaks – “All Creation”, “Bloodfest”, and “Greased Lightning” 
  1. Red XIII (Nanaki) 
  • Role – Intelligent beast-like creature 
  • Weapon – Headdresses 
  • Background – Red XIII is wise despite his appearance. He is from Cosmo Canyon. 
  • Limit Breaks – “Cosmo Memory”, “Lunatic High”, and “Sled Fang” 

Game Tips and Strategies 

Having been featured in reputable publications, we can attest to you that to level up and improve character growth in Final Fantasy VII, engage in frequent battles to earn EXP. Target high-yield areas like Mythril Mines. Equip EXP-boosting Materia like “Enemy Skill”. Focus on defeating strong enemies and bosses. 

On the other hand, to master Materia combinations, enhance combat effectiveness. Pair “All” Materia with attack spells like “Fire” or “Bolt”. Combine “HP Absorb” with “Slash-All”. Use “Elemental” with “Fire” or “Ice”. 


From what we see of the iconic locations of FInal Fantasy VII, it has a rich narrative and gameplay. Midgar, the metropolis is controlled by Shinra Electric Power Company. The location showcases diverse environments like Gold Saucer and the Forgotten City. There are also other places like Nibelheim, ancient temple of the Ancients, and Cosmo Canyon. 

Unlocking Hidden Items 

Unlocking hidden items in FF 7 adds rewards to exploration. Seek out treasure chests and secret passages in different locations. Use the “Steal” ability to get elusive items. Utilize chocobos to access secluded areas. 


The world of Final Fantasy VII is a journey filled with boundless exploration. Hope this guide helped you to become familiar with Final Fantasy VII. Be encouraged to play the game. You will not be sorry. This game is one of the best games on the planet that gives the best gameplay experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive?

According to Christian Svensson, the vice president at Sony Interactive Entertainment, it is a defining game for the PlayStation experience. He believes that as you recognize the original game’s importance, you make it exclusive.

Do I need to play previous Final Fantasy games before Final Fantasy VII remake?

No. There is no need. Even if you do not know the Final Fantasy series, you can still enjoy the game. Preparations have been made so that players enjoy the game even if they do not have the chance to play the first game.

What is the Final Fantasy VII remake?

Final Fantasy VII remake is the first in the planned trilogy of games of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. This is an enhanced version that was released for PlayStation 5 and Windows in 2021.

Are all Final Fantasy games connected?

Having studied this topic for years, it’s clear that Final Fantasy has primary installments but the franchise is linked by a few recurring elements. This includes character names and game mechanics. So, this makes them somehow connected.

Why is Final Fantasy VII so different from the original?

Our take on this is that Final Fantasy VII has to be classic at its point of reference. Yoshinori Kitase, a producer of the Final Fantasy VII remake, says that they add new elements to capture the gamers’ attention. Final Fantasy VII remake reimagines the original but veers in a different direction. 

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Casey Reyes is a seasoned Technical SEO Specialist, leveraging expertise to optimize digital platforms for enhanced visibility and performance. Their skills cater not only to technical SEO but also resonate with avid gamers who follow the latest updates in esports, console, mobile, and desktop gaming.