FIFA 22 Strategies
FIFA 22 Strategies

From Beginner to Pro: FIFA 22 Strategies for Filipino Gamers

We are happy to share a new game with you today. It is FIFA 22. This game has taken the world by storm. It is one of the most popular sports video games globally. It was developed by EA Sports. Released in October 2021, it has set a new standard for football simulation games. FIFA 22’s success is the introduction of HyperMotion technology. Its features leverage advanced machine learning which capture data from real-life football matches. Gamers experience an authentic game where every shot, pass,and dribble mirrors professional football.  

The game has a significant rise in Asia including the Philippines. Its popularity is derived from its attention to detail and authenticity. The game’s developer invested heavily in replicating player likenesses to stadium atmospheres. There is also FIFA 22 on PS5, so the game is played across many devices. Its competitive scene contributed to its widespread popularity. In the Philippines, the growing interest in football has fueled the popularity of FIFA 22. Filipino players are drawn to the realistic simulation of football. FIFA 22 has become a part of the gaming culture of the country. 

Gameplay Mechanics 

Having studied this topic for years, it’s clear that FIFA 22 game strategy has gameplay mechanics that elevates the football simulation experience. Here is the breakdown of the key gameplay mechanics and new features of FIFA 22: 

  • HyperMotion Technology – It is great to see the HyperMotion technology, especially on FIFA 22 on PS5. The system utilizes machine learning to capture data to create realistic animations. 
  • Tactical AI –  With a deep understanding of the subject, we can confidently say that FIFA 22’s Tactical AI is significantly improved. It makes computer-controlled teammates and opponents.  
  • Explosive Sprint – The Explosive Sprint mechanic gives a new dimension to defending and dribbling. Gamers unleash a sudden burst of speed. 
  • True Ball Physics – There is an accurate ball behavior because of the true ball physics system. Deflections, shots, and passes are more realistic.  
  • Goalkeeper Rewrite – This system in FIFA 22 game strategy gives reliable and consistent goalkeeping. It is easy to see in FIFA 22 on PS5 that it has improved animations. 
  • Attacking TacticsFIFA 22 game strategy gives advanced attacking tactics. Gamers customize build-up play and chance creation. 
  • Skill Moves and Dribbling – In FIFA 22 game strategy, skill move mechanics and dribbling have been refined. 

Basic Controls of FIFA 22 


  • Dive – Right Stick (Direction) 
  • Charge / Dropkick – Triangle (Hold) (PS) / Y (Hold) (Xbox) 
  • Drop Ball – Triangle (PS) / Y (Xbox) 
  • Throw / Pass – X (PS) / A (Xbox) 
  • Drop Kick / Throw – Circle / Square (PS) / B / X (Xbox) 

Set Pieces 

  • Corner Kick (Aim / Power) – Left Stick / Square (PS) / X (Xbox) 
  • Penalty Kick (Shoot) – Circle (PS) / B (Xbox) 
  • Penalty Kick (Aim) – Left Stick 
  • Free Kick (Power / Spin) – Right Stick 
  • Free Kick (Aim) – Left Stick 


  • D-pad – Tactics / Team Management 
  • Left Stick – Move Player 
  • Right Stick – Skill Moves 


  • Skill Moves – Right Stick Movements 
  • No Touch Feint – R1 (Hold) (PS) / RB (Hold) (Xbox) 
  • Face Up Dribbling – L2 + R2 (PS) / LT + RT (Xbox) 
  • Protect Ball – L2 (PS) / LT (Xbox) 
  • Sprint – R2 (PS) / RT (Xbox) 


  • Low Shot / Downward Header – L1 + R1 + Circle (PS) / LB + RB + B (Xbox) 
  • Finesse Shot – R1 + Circle (PS) / RB + B (Xbox) 
  • Chip Shot – L1 + Circle (PS) / LB + B (Xbox) 
  • Shoot / Volley / Header – Circle (PS) / B (Xbox) 


  • Short / Quick Throw-In – R1 + X (PS) / RB + A (Xbox) 
  • Through Ball – Triangle (PS) / Y (Xbox) 
  • Lob Pass / Cross / Header – Square (PS) / X (Xbox) 
  • Short Pass / Ground Pass – X (PS) / A (Xbox) 


  • Teammate Contain – R1 (Hold) (PS) / RB (Hold) (Xbox) 
  • Contain – X (PS) / A (Xbox) 
  • Jockey – L2 (PS) / LT (Xbox) 
  • Sliding Tackle – Square (PS) / X (Xbox) 
  • Standing Tackle – Circle (PS) / B (Xbox) 
  • Tackle / Push or Pull (When Chasing) – Circle (PS) / B (Xbox) 
  • Switch Player – L1 (PS) / LB (Xbox) 

Advanced Controls of FIFA 22 

Advanced Shooting 

  • Low Driven Shot – Circle (Double Tap) (PS) / B (Double Tap) (Xbox) 
  • Chip Shot – L1 + Circle (PS) / LB + B (Xbox) 
  • Finesse Shot – R1 + Circle (PS) / RB + B (Xbox) 
  • Timed Finishing – Circle (Press Twice) (PS) / B (Press Twice) (Xbox) 

Advanced Passing 

  • Fake Shot – Circle then X (PS) / B then A (Xbox) 
  • Fake Pass – Square or Circle then X (PS) / X or B then A (Xbox) 
  • Flair Shot – L2 + Circle (PS) / LT + B (Xbox) 
  • Flair Pass – L2 + X (PS) / LT + A (Xbox) 
  • Lobbed Through Ball – L1 + Triangle (PS) / LB + Y (Xbox) 
  • Driven Through Ball – R1 + Triangle (PS) / RB + Y (Xbox) 
  • Driven Lob Pass / Cross – R1 + Square (PS) / RB + X (Xbox) 
  • Driven Ground Pass – R1 + X (PS) / RB + A (Xbox) 

Advanced Dribbling 

  • Skill Moves – Right Stick Movements 
  • First Touch Knock-On – R2 (Tap) (PS) / RT (Tap) (Xbox) 
  • No Touch Dribbling – R1 (Hold) (PS) / RB (Hold) (Xbox) 
  • Strafe Dribbling – L1 + Left Stick (PS) / LB + Left Stick (Xbox) 

Team Management 

Here are the popular formations and tactics on FIFA 22 game strategy

Popular Formations 

  • 4-2-3-1 (Narrow) – Best for players who want a strong midfield presence. 
  • 4-4-2 (Flat) – Makes classic formation and good width. 
  • 4-3-3 (Attack) – Have strong attacking potential. 
  • 3-5-2 – Best for creative play and midfield dominance. 
  • 5-3-2 – Best for counter-attacking play and defensive solidity. 

Effective Tactics 

  • Long Ball 
  • Fast Build-Up 
  • Possession Play 
  • Drop Back 
  • Pressure on Heavy Touch 

Player Development 

Career Mode Tips 

  • Choose the Right Team – Choose a lower-league team and aim for promotions. 
  • Scout Effectively – Use scouts to find talents and potential bargains. 
  • Transfer Market – Use the loan system to strengthen your squad. 
  • Tactical Setup – As a FIFA 22 game strategy, choose a formation that suits your team’s strengths. 
  • Squad Rotation – If you are playing FIFA 22 on PS5, this is a good tip. Rotate your squad to keep players fresh. 


Playing FIFA 22 on PS5 is truly fun. Especially if you get some perks. Here is the breakdown of the perks on FIFA 22: 

  • Offensive Perks – Skilled Dribbler, Active First Touch, Distance Shooter, and Poacher 
  • Defensive Perks – Defensive Closer, Ball Winner, Last Defender, and Lock Down 
  • Physical and Mental Perks – Quick Reflexes, Set Piece Specialist, Tireless Runner, and Physical Strength 
  • Team Play Perks – One Time Shot, Precision Pass, Threaded Pass, and Assist Streak 

Offensive Strategies 

As a FIFA 22 game strategy, mastering offensive strategies is crucial. Here are the offensive strategies of FIFA: 

  • Possession Play – Build from the back, patience, quick passing, and player movement 
  • High-Pressure Offense – Fast breaks, counter-press, and pressing 
  • Wide Play – Cut inside, overlapping runs, and wing attacks 
  • Set Pieces – Free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty kicks 
  • Individual Skill Moves – Finishing, flair passes, and skill moves 
  • Tactical Adjustments – Custom tactics and in-game adjustments 

Defensive Strategies 

When you play FIFA 22 on PS5, mastering defensive strategies is also important. Here are the defensive strategies: 

  • Positioning and Discipline – Defensive line, track back, and stay compact 
  • Pressing and Tackling – Jockeying, timing tackles, and pressing triggers 
  • Defensive Coverage – Goalkeeper sweeper-keeping, cutting passing lanes, and covering runs 
  • Set Piece Defending – Zonal marking and organized defending 

Goalkeeping Tips 

Always try to position the goalkeeper in the optimal position. Focus on catching or parrying shots. Communicate with the defenders to organize defense. Improve your distribution skills. 

Train the goalkeeper’s reflexes. 

Game Modes 

Here are the game modes available on FIFA 22: 

  • Career Mode 
  • Ultimate Team (FUT) 
  • Volta Football 
  • Pro Clubs 
  • Kick-off 
  • Online Seasons 
  • FIFA Ultimate Drift Team 

Online Play 

Whether you are playing FIFA 22 on PS5 or on other devices, match preparation and online etiquette play a crucial role for a positive gaming experience. Analyze opponent strategies and adjust tactics. Exhibit sportsmanship and respect opponents. Embrace fair play to promote camaraderie and mutual respect. 

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

Over-reliance on sprinting is a common mistake on FIFA 22. Another one is neglecting defensive positioning. Also, there are poor passing decisions. To avoid these pitfalls, focus on maintaining possession. 


Mastering FIFA 22 needs a strategic approach and disciplined gameplay. We hope this guide helped you to be more familiar with FIFA 22. Implement the techniques outlined. Elevate your skills and compete at the highest level. Surely, this guide gives you a better gameplay experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I improve my FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Be on the top of new Objectives. Play matches in FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles. Earn coins by playing matches. Complete Objectives. Sell and discard unwanted tradeable Player and Club items.

What is the best formation for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Based on extensive research, it’s evident that the most popular formations are 4-1-2-1-2. This formation is narrow which means there are a lot of players in the middle of the pitch. On the other hand, the most used formations are 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2. 

What are the best tactics in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

For defense, we suggest going for balanced alignment. 4-2-3-1 is balanced for defense and does not need any extras. Accordingly, for the width, go for a balanced value around 50.

How can I become better at playing FIFA 22?

Here is the advice to level up your performance: 
– Set realistic objectives 
– Use FIFA 22 game strategy in your team selection 
– Figure out what you like about FIFA 22 
– Know what you need to work on 
– Give priority to time and motivation 

How to rapidly get a good Ultimate Team?

To get high-value packs and have a good Ultimate Team, play the Squad Battles game mode. Stack score lines in order to hit different milestones.

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Casey Reyes is a seasoned Technical SEO Specialist, leveraging expertise to optimize digital platforms for enhanced visibility and performance. Their skills cater not only to technical SEO but also resonate with avid gamers who follow the latest updates in esports, console, mobile, and desktop gaming.